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The Order: 1886 is an action-adventure game developed by Sony Santamonica and Ready at Dawn, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This release is exclusively for PlayStation 4. Ready at Dawn makes its debut with this title, which is one of the strongest bets for PS4 this year, as it offers a rarely seen (and highly interesting) setting: steampunk fiction.

The Order: 1886 excels at recreating a post-industrial London city with some anachronisms such as zeppelins, and guards using modern weapons and radios to communicate. Developers say that the graphics aspect is one of the strongest points of the title. In fact, they have created a new engine specifically for this project: Rad Engine 4.0. Characters have stunning skin and clothing shadows thanks to PS4's graphics potential. This release has some remarkable “next-gen” features, with crates blowing to pieces when we throw grenades inside, or fences that won't break the same way twice when we shoot them. Weather effects such as rain are also well elaborated, being even more noticeable in a city like London.

The Order: 1886 is set in an alternative London where an ancient order of Knights keeps people safe from half-breed creatures

This release is played using over-the-shoulder perspective, which is pretty similar to TPS (Third Person Shooter) titles. In fact, shooter dynamics are key for the gameplay, as we can interact with every element within the scenario using bullets. Scenarios are enclosed, but you still have some options and opportunities to explore freely. Characters can carry a few weapons with them, giving the game a realistic feeling. There is a wheel-shaped menu to swap your weapons using limited slots, instead of a huge inventory with loads of them.

Everlasting War

The Order: 1886 is set in an alternative London where an ancient order of Knights keeps people safe from half-breed creatures: a combination of humans and beasts. Those monsters began to appear around the seventh century, when some common humans took on animal traits. People feared these creatures, and a war started to eradicate the species.

By 1886 the war still goes on and new social problems have appeared. The lower classes start rebelling against the social order and wealthy classes, with the Order supporting the nobles and upper classes. We follow the story of four knights from the same squad: Sebastian Mallory, one of the best knights in the history of the Order, Grayson, Isabeu D’Argyll (one of the youngest knights) and Marquis de Lafayette, a French military officer who was accepted into the Order for his tactical expertise.

The Order: 1886 Full Version Features

Check out some of the features of this PS4 game:

  • Follow an epic storyline set in an alternative post-industrial London city
  • Stunning graphics: enjoy a detailed recreation of the city, elaborate weather effects and true-to-life physics
  • Fully interactive settings: blow crates, fences and other obstacles away using your bullets
  • Choose your weapons wisely: you can carry a limited amount of weapons, so you have to choose the right ones for every situation
  • Play the role of the finest Knights: follow Sebastian, Grayson, Isabeu and Lafayette and take advantage of their strengths

If you are interested in this title and need additional information, feel free to visit the developers’ official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to run this title correctly are:

  • Operating system: PlayStation 4


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