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Dragons World is a city-building videogame developed by Social Quantum. It is available for Android mobiles and those using iOS. In Dragons World you have to build a virtual dragon park, create different habitats, decorations and buildings, and expand your island to house as many dragon species as you can.

The gameplay is similar to other building games. You have to place some buildings in your island, gather gold to purchase new items and grow food for your virtual fire-breathing monsters. Of course there is a premium currency known as Crystal that allows you to speed things up, but it will cost players real money.

The main objective of the game is to manage your floating island and breed new dragon species

One feature that sets Dragons World apart from similar titles is that you can fight against other players using your dragons in online matches. There is even a Dragon League that allows you to fight against both low and high-level players. Before you jump into the arena, you have to select your team of dragons and then select a player to battle. Defeating all players in Dragon League will give you 3 free crystals.

Battles are designed in a Pokémon-style way. Dragons can level-up and unlock different skills to be used in the arena, and you can switch to new ones during battles, must you must opt to lose a turn. Moreover, there are different dragon types that are stronger and weaker against others. For instance, Fire dragons can beatAir dragons, but they lose against Water type.

Get Them All

The main objective of the game is to manage your floating island and breed new dragon species. First of all, you need gold to start building. You start with a Fire dragon, which gives you a certain amount of gold per hour. You can obtain additional dragons by buying them using the in-game store, or unlock new species using the Breeding Cave. The more dragons you have, the more gold you receive per hour. This allows you to create new buildings, add decorations, etc.

The breeding process is simple. You just have to click on the Breeding Cave and then select two different dragons. After the waiting time is over you receive an egg that will hatch within a certain time period, delivering you a new baby dragon. Dragons need a place to live, so you´ll have to create different habitats for them depending on their type. For instance, Nature dragons can´t live in Deserts.

Dragons World 1.55 Features

Here you can check the features of this mobile game before you download it:

  • Create your own dragon park and expand it to house a wide range of species
  • Collect virtual dragons and breed them to unlock new ones
  • Battle against other players using your dragons in the Dragon League
  • Level-up your dragons to make them unstoppable in the arena
  • Buy new floating islands to expand your dragon refuge

If you are interested in Dragons World and need additional information before you download it, feel free to check the developer´s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this mobile title are:

  • Operating system: Android 4.0 or later/ iOS 5.0 or later
  • Hard disk: 29 MB free space for Android/ 51.1 MB available for iOS

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